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Ancient Future Lifeforms

The "Ancient Future Lifeforms" exhibition will open Thursday the 15th of September at 2B Gallery in Palma de Mallorca.

My "Ancient Future Lifeforms" exhibition will open  Thursday the 15th of September at 2B Gallery in Palma de Mallorca from 7 - 11 PM

2B Gallery, Carrer Joan Maragall 15, Palma de Mallorca

More info can be also found in their FB Event

And for those interested in more info about my ideas behind my art 2B also published a nice in-depth interview on their site.

The opening will coincide with the Nit de l'Art, a big happening since the nineties in Mallorca where art galleries and museums join together to celebrate the start of the arts and culture season.

Exhibition will be on view till the 11th of November


I imagine a future in which the existence of the current Human Lifeform is nothing but a fading distant memory from a faraway past. What happens now in the 21st century with Artificial Intelligence and Cyborgs merging with the Human Lifeform will develop, over the course of countless centuries and millenia, into a takeover by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The species that will emerge then will hardly resemble the natural humans from which they originated.

This series of paintings depicts a period from a less distant future, when Natural and Artificial Intelligence Lifeforms still co-exist peacefully on this planet.