2 years ago

Art Residency in Barcelona

The whole month of October I have been an artist in residence with Base Elements Gallery

The past year I have fallen in love with Barcelona. Such an amazing creative vibe, and so many cool artists working and creating in this city! After participating in the Kronos Art Festival a year ago, I met Robert, the owner of Base Elements Gallery and he invited me to become an artist in residence with the gallery this month.

I have been working most of the time on two collaborations with two artists of the gallery: Ivana Flores and Joan Tarrago. It's been great to be able to tap into the creative energy of Barcelona by spending so much time working in the gallery. So it's not only about presenting art on the walls, but the whole process has become a work of art as well..... These collaborations have been an amazing journey and the results are pretty cool as well! Saturday the 30th of October the results will be on view during the opening of the "Avant Groove" group show.