2 years ago

Getting Lost in the Beauty of Chaos

The past few weeks have been quite an emotional rollercoaster, working so hard and pouring so much soul into this new series of paintings, all the time now knowing if this exhibition would even happen.....

Happy to announce that my new exhibition "Getting Lost in the Beauty of Chaos" will open on the 22nd of January at KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam

Since Friday's press conference we know we can go ahead 🙏🏽 Obviously we can't have a normal opening, so will work with timeslots. This and all other info (also about the beautiful 7 color 90 x 90 cm (!) silkscreen of this painting) can be found on the KochxBos website: 

Show will be on view till the 19th of February.

How many times we have been told lately that art and culture are 'not essential'?

But, isn't it actually wonderful that, in a society where everything seems to revolve around efficiency and Excel sheets, we also have something to trigger our imagination?

Something allowing us to get lost in our dreams - about how things could be, rather than focusing on everyday reality - about how things are.

Experiencing art is a moment of rest for our brains to chill out in nowadays continuous whirlwind of millions of links and stimuli.

During the exhibition ‘Getting lost in the beauty of chaos’ you can get lost, escaping this continuous digital overdose.

Instead of disappearing into the greyness of everyday’s news, while zapping every channel on your TV, you better grab this moment to dive into these paintings and zap along your own inner consciousness ❤️

PS This "Transformational Overload" painting is 150 x 150 cm