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KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam 27th of January - 24th of February

Opening of my new solo exhibition on the 27th of January from 17.00 - 20.00

During the opening my new art book ‘Here for the Art’ will be released. 200 pages capturing the essence of my art spanning from 2018 to 2024. 

It can already be pre-ordered here! 

The first copy will be presented around 6 PM to Merlijn Twaalfhoven, who wrote the essay 'To drown, surf, or dive in waves of reality' in the book.

And of course I will also be available to sign copies of the book during the opening!


I always have been fascinated by the concept of reality. In recent years this focus has shifted towards exploring the relationship between digital and physical realities.  With the rise of artificial intelligence, the boundaries between the digital and the real world are rapidly blurring. I believe that the digital layer is a great addition to our physical reality. But what happens if we migrate our physical lives to the digital realm?

In recent years the line between digital and physical reality has been blurred, the real-world environment and the computer-generated one have merged. In the near future, distinguishing between digital and physical elements may become increasingly challenging. We are entering the age of Mixed Reality, where physical and virtual objects will co-exist and interact.

All realities are real, but some are more real than others.

In the paintings from this series, elements from my subconsciousness and pixelated elements from a computer-generated digital world meet on the physical canvas. But no matter how pixelated they are, all are hand painted, creating a symbiosis of seemingly incompatible worlds.

One may feel uneasy about digital reality invading our physical world, but the advent of this new reality is rapid and unstoppable. Even though the Metaverse, which was announced with a lot of hype, has not yet materialized, the Multireality is definitely here to stay with no reboot to go back to the analog past.

There is no CTRL+ ALT+DEL


If you would you like to receive the art catalog from this show than please email: gallery@kochxbos.com

KochxBos Gallery - Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36, 1015 NR Amsterdam