11 years ago

Love as the Root of all Money?

We all have heard that: “Money is the Root of all Evil”. In fact, this phrase has its origins in the Bible, which says: “For the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.” Somehow Love vanished with the passage of time. But what would happen if Love would return to the equation, and we would start asking ourselves: “What is the Root of All Money?”

Wouldn't Love be a great answer?!

We are involved in exchange each and every day in our society. But instead of loving our exchange and each other, we started loving the material means of exchange: Money.

And instead of using those Exchanges to make beautiful things happen around the world, we use them to earn more money. And we hoard that money, not backed by any tangible asset, created as debt by just a click of a button, on our bank accounts. Instead, we could use it to make the things we love happen, and the places and people we love thrive.

In the process of spending money, and buying things we think we need, we tend to forget that buying is actually an exchange, and not just a one-way transaction. We don’t just obtain something material, but we give something in return: money. Money does still have value as an agreement between people. Moreover it also has its energy, propelling its future use. And by giving money back with love to the people, and initiatives we love, and of whom we know that they use that same energy with love as well, we change the world.

Money can be a token of appreciation to that small corner store, which gives back so much to the neighborhood, to that cool coffee shop, where you always seem to make amazing connections, to the record store, which has those rare vinyl records and people behind the counter who love music.

So pay by adding some love to your payment. Not because of your love for money, but because of your love for the person you’re dealing with!

Some might argue that love should not be used as a currency, because Love is priceless. But shouldn’t we start appreciating more those values that can’t be quantified in our society?

That’s why the love banknote has no number: it’s not one Love, or one Hundred Love, it is just Love. Pure Love. Just as the exchange itself has no absolute value, also the value you give to this banknote is personal. And this value will be clear to all involved in the exchange, even though it is not explicitly quantified.

It might not be legal tender, but definitely is personal and loving tender for all exchanges private or public executed with love.