2 years ago

Museum of NFT Art

Museum of NFT Art NFT. The ending of the sale will coincide with my talk about NFTs at the yearly Pictoright event on the 23rd of September

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People are spending increasingly more time behind their digital screens, which has made their lives and the way they connect with each other easier. This has changed not only the way we interact with reality, but it has also changed our perception of it. And now it’s also starting to change the way we enjoy and collect art.

Screens have impacted our art experience for some time already. Nowadays we do not only get to know paintings in museums, galleries, and homes, but often we also find out about and enjoy new art on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Artsy.

As NFTs are now entering the Artworld, they’re not only impacting the way we view art, but also how we perceive the physical ownership of an artwork.

As long as I've been an artist it has always been clear to people that when they or someone else buy one of my paintings, they own it: After all, they can hang it on their wall. Nowadays it puzzles a lot of people why NFTs of artworks are being bought for a lot of money. What do people actually get when they buy an NFT? And what about hanging it on your wall?

What’s the value of a digital artwork, hanging on the wall of your virtual house in the Metaverse so your Avatar can show it to your virtual friends?

It is fascinating to see that in a world where we’re migrating part of our physical existence to the digital realm - meaning that many of us seem to spend more time online than offline - this question is actually not that easy to answer….

We can already choose if we want to go to the cinema or stay on the couch and switch to Netflix to see a movie, or if we’re going to a club to listen to our favorite DJ, rather than streaming that DJ set via Soundcloud at a party in our kitchen. Hence, it’s actually not that weird to have a choice between a nice trip into town to check some art in the local museum, or have the art come to you in the comfort of your digital home.