1 year ago


The Transformoney Tree in front of the Capitol in Sacramento as part of the CALIFORNIA100 event where participants could write and paint on money and then glue it onto the Transformoney Tree, thus destroying its financial value, but giving other values in return in a society which seems to view value as synonymous to financial value.

These past few weeks in the States have been quite an adventure: getting the tree out of storage near New York where it had been sitting since its appearance in Woodstock at Mysteryland in 2014 and then making it travel 5000 kilometers to Sacramento to plant its roots in front of the Capitol building.

Conceptually a very interesting next stop for the tree since drawing and painting on money is still officially a Federal offense...

The first time the Transformoney Tree planted its roots was at Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Another conceptually interesting place because it's based on a gift economy and money does not exist there for the entire week.

Special thanks to Yoms and his WAFDUST team for all their support and planting the seeds to make this happen! Also a big shout out to Ed Fletcher and Sean Fischer and their amazing crew of Sacramento Burners and last but not least Gregory Haley who come out together from me all the way from Colorado to make this happen! 🔥 I could never have done this without you all! Big Love ❤️

I'm totally worn out after these past few days. It was a huge amount of work to make this all happen and the downpour from the sky didn't really help, but we did it! Looking forward to seeing this Tree pop up in more places, so if you have any ideas and/or contacts to make this happen, please don't hesitate to contact us!

The Art of Turning Money into Art