- A Border Control Checkpoint to Enter Your Own Dreams -

   The Compound
Compound - Burning Man 2008
- Physical Dimensions and Materials -

The whole area inside the walls will be 5 x 10 metres. The wall itself is 1,80 metres high. Thus standing on your toes, you might take a sneak peak inside. The skull’s dimensions will be roughly 3,60 high x 4 metres wide, the door as one of the teeth, just a bit less than 60 cm, so you really have to squeeze yourself in to overcome the barrier. The watchtower on top will have the same height as the skull, thus the total height will be approximately 7,5 metres.

The interrogation house will measure 3,5 x 2,5 metres, being 3,5 metres high. It shouldn’t be too big, since it’s very much about a personal approach; a one-on-one interactiveness inside. And you should feel at home, after all it’s a bit like entering your own head. So even if the look of the border checkpoint might be a bit intimidating. The small size should make it easy to overcome your fear and let your curiosity do the rest.

Materials used will be wooden beams, boards and sheets of plywood. I try to keep the dimensions related to the sheets of plywood, to take maximum advantage of the material. And I want to use barb wire and 500W work lights to give it a real border control feel. The inside of the compound will be very brightly lit by poles with construction lights on every corner. Also I want to have those lights lighting the front.

The bar will be a comfy 1,20 x 1,60 metres

Once you’ve finished procedures and leave the compound into your Dream. I want to give the feeling as if it all never happened. You’ll turn around and where you left, you won’t see a door, but a clothing cabinet

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