- A Border Control Checkpoint to Enter Your Own Dreams -

   The End

In the weekend of the 7th and 8th of November 2009 The Department of Dreamland Security will again perform immigration procedures and protect the border between Dreams and Reality. This time not in the desert, but inside an old swimming pool.

But then slowly a revolution will start happening; at night various artists will start covering the whole checkpoint with graffiti. Slowly the original meaning of the artwork and untouchable dominance of totalitarian dream control will start to crumble as participating artists paint the walls and make other interventions to the existing space, embellishing and defacing its aesthetic and political value until the sculpture is altered beyond recognition. As day turns to night, the already surreal process of immigration will become even more surreal and seemingly useless. This process will continue into the next day with the possibility of the public adding their own thoughts as well. And eventually in the evening the Walls between Dreams and Reality will get smashed to pieces with sledgehammers, freeing Dreams again! This will all happen symbolically exactly twenty years after the Berlin Wall fell.


  Copyright 2009 - DADARA