The Checkpoint DreamYourTopia project has been funded by:
The Burning Man Project
The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture
Central Track - The University of Texas at Dallas Artist Residency
Netherland-America Foundation
  The Dutch Embassy in Berlin
  Dreamyourtopia talk at Pecha Kucha in Berlin
  Kera Art&Seek blog
  Modart Europe
  Mercury UTD online
  Special Thanks To:  
  Scotto -

  Thera Hillenaar - Costume Design
  Pathstudio - Brent and Marolyn of Pathstudio - Graphic Support
  Eric of  Shortbusproductions - woodwork support
  Michael Potts - M2studio - 3D animation
  Button, Smashy, Boarhead, Tigger and the DFW Burner Community
  Shirley of Texas Graphic Resource
  James Cole - CCTV
  Peter en Danielle of Screentime - Movie Project
  Nathan Phelps, Kip, Griffin, Matt, Tim and everybody else from Batcountry
  Durgy, Rob en Agnes, Mike Logghe, Petra, Dok van Winsen, Jon Schwartz, Sunkyst, Birdman, Todd, Wessel, Locust, Zain, Monkey, Fysche and Tearstain and everybody else that has helped make this dream come true in the desert
(and thanks even more for so many who kept helping along the way in different countries during the whole journey ).
  George and Anouk Heidweiller
  Amy and Jay Westover
  Hugo, Ali, Lesley, Ja Ram, Esther, Frans and Sergio of FAAAM and Kamiel Proost, Baba Robijn, Thijs Weijland and Bob Pannebakker for guarding the border at the Lowlands Festival
  Eric van Eerdenburg, Katinka Zoethout en Lyoni Spier of the Lowlands Festival
  Montana, graffiti art products
  Sabine Steinhof, Annik, Anniki,Michelle, Sofie, Christin, Petra
  Mariangela de Lorenzo & Peter Bijl
  Jochen Kupper of Riot-arts, Daniel and Ralph
  Anne Scherer and Lutz Lindemann of Modart
  Kay Neubert and Kinga Dunikowkska
  Harlan Levey
  for the graffiti: Vage Gasten , RIPO, MYMO , Dennis, Sam and Thomas, Vectorian
  Charissa Terranova of Centraltrak
  Arne Piepgras of Stattbad
  We Make Stuff Good Crew
  Christien Havranek, Tineke Laar, Randy Pence, Yolande, Megan and everyone else who made the last episode possible
  Just for the Photos
  Ladybee for the desert magic
  Fred Hagemeister for the truck and craziness - Burner Hostel
  The "official" Dadara web site
  Love, Peace and Terror
  The Fools Ark (Burning Man 2002)
  The Burning Greyman (Burning Man 2003)
  "The Rise and Fall of the Fools Ark" (Burning Man Movie, 2004 )
  YouTube (animations and short movies)
  Reflex Modern Art Gallery
  Copyright 2009 - DADARA