CHECKPOINT DREAMYOURTOPIA
                   - A Border Control Checkpoint to Enter Your Own Dreams -


Dadara designed a special passport for this Land of Dreams, you are about to enter. This passport will have a hardcover and 20 pages inside.

Apart from featuring thoughts and art about having dreams and a designated area for your entrance visa, it will also have several blank pages that can be used to collect stamps, stickers, ideas, phone numbers etc. from other theme camps, installations and participants. An interactive companion accompanying you on your adventures in the desert.

It can be used by the immigration officer on duty. But also a border patrol officer wandering across the Playa might hand it over to you and summon you to get it stamped.

Examples of texts inside:

* The bearer of this document is entitled to enter and live his own dream as he/she pleases until further notice. For re-entry into living your life as you’re told to, please obtain form 56217.43A from your immigration officer.

* You have entered your Dreamworld, which is unique and entirely yours.

It can contain one big dream or several smaller ones, it might be extremely expensive or dirt cheap to follow these dreams, but for sure it’ll require you to be persistent. It might be hard emotional or physical work and you’ll have to keep the faith.

* And though your Dreamworld does not necessarily have to have any connection with the real world as we know it and with the systems imposed upon us, (un)fortunately you’ll have to live it inside that same real world.

* This dream of yours has not been franchised to you by a big company, nor has it been imposed upon you by your country, your president, your religion, your teachers or your parents, but might have been inspired by all of them (or by your rebellion against them).

* The stamp in this passport is only a symbolic permission to enter and live your dream.

* Warning: you might have already entered your Dreamworld long time ago!





  Copyright 2009 - DADARA